Such provisions though are not valid for Central government employees and security personnel. If the bill is passed and enacted into law, it will require outsiders to obtain a special pass or permit to enter the State. For the proposed legislation to become law, and if the Hill Areas are to be within its ambit, it will require the consent of the Hill Area Committee, which is unlikely to happen. Many people were flummoxed. Millions of Indians are spending their youth trying to get government jobs Delhi: Impossible to implement, this will be a sure-fire recipe for social strife.

ILP proponents assert that after independence and subsequent accession of Manipur to India, the influx of foreigners and other Indians into Manipur has increased exponentially. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Burma and Nepal has also gone up. Thus, even within political parties there seem to be differences on the ILP. The system is in force in the neighbouring States of Nagaland and Mizoram and also in Arunachal Pradesh. Nehginpao Kipgen is a U. Local youth has to compete with outsiders for state Government jobs, college admissions.

ILP advocates also say that Manipur had not acceded to the Indian Union when the Constitution was drafted, and hence it had no say in the framing of the Constitution. Besides underlining the distrust among Meiteis and the tribal hill people, these incidents highlight an important question: Inter-caste marriages are not possible as residences of outsiders are not permitted.


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Why were details of IAF shooting down its own chopper released only after elections? This is an offshoot of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations,[1] which protected Crown’s interest in the tea, oil and elephant trade by prohibiting “British subjects” from entering into these “Protected Areas” to prevent them from establishing any commercial venture that could rival the Crown’s agents.


There is also a lingering question of whether the armed Kuki and Naga groups would reach an agreement on land disputes in the hill areas.

One demand in the memorandum proposes the insertion of a new provision in section of the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, Click me to learn more about it Outsiders are ready to work for lower wages. As a result, following opposition from the local community, a planned rally in support of the ILP was cancelled in Churachandpur, a predominantly Kuki town. Retrieved 30 July Archived from the original on 8 August This has led to increased competition in jobs, business, election among locals and outsiders.

They already have enough complaints about attempts to encroach on their land. Both sides talk past each other. It merely requires them to get registered so they can be easily identified. The end result of this will be more trouble, not less. Hence ILP permit will be a setback for the already under-developed region.

essay on ilp in manipur

They see the demand for the ILP regime as a Meitei issue. The agitation gained momentum after an 11th grade student from Ananda Singh Higher Secondary Academy, demanding the implementation of the ILP system, was killed when police used teargas to disperse protesters.

Unanswered questions So many crucial questions remain about the proposed ILP regime. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

[Polity] Inner Line Permit (ILP) issue in Manipur: Background, implications, controversy explained

Everything is seen as a zero-sum game. Comment with respect to the recent immigration issues of the country.


The ILP, which remained in force untilwas revoked by the then Commissioner of Assam, whose jurisdiction also covered Manipur. For the proposed legislation to no law, and if the Hill Areas are to be within its ambit, it will require the consent of the Hill Area Committee, which is unlikely to happen.

It poses threat to Manipuri language, scripts and local dialects. Iop version May 22, The constitutionally designated Hill Areas are inhabited by the tribal, or Scheduled Tribe, people of the state.

All you need to know about the Inner Line Permit issue in Manipur

Millions of Indians are spending their youth trying to get government jobs Delhi: In the eyes of the tribal people, there is a hidden design behind the recent demands and protests. A non-resident also cannot buy property in these areas. Drug trafficking cases, incidents of rape and other crimes in the State have become more rampant due to the inflow of outsiders into Manipur. Most Meiteis are Hindu, comprising both the twice-born Hindu castes and Scheduled Caste, though there are recent attempts to re-emphasise their traditional Sanamahi religion.

It signifies a constitutional recognition of the hill-plain divide in Manipur. Under such a political arrangement, the Kukis and Nagas would enjoy autonomy in their respective areas but remain within the State of Manipur.