All participants in the making of the Sumalak must wash themselves carefully in advance of preparation. The independent Uzbek news website uznews. The main holiday dishes for Turkic Central Asians are pilaf plov , shurpa , boiled mutton and kok-samsa pies filled with spring greens and the young sprouts of steppe grasses. We assure that it will not boring! Neighbors and friends send trays filled with treats to each other.

The longevity of Navruz and other spring celebrations indicates the significance we still attach to the beginning of a new agricultural year and the triumph of life and warmth over the long cold winter. If they succeed, the owner must treat them generously; however, if they fail, they must treat the owner. It marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated on the vernal equinox, March — the beginning of the astronomical New Year. When she awoke in the early hours of the morning, she saw 30 angels standing around the pot. All participants in the making of the Sumalak must wash themselves carefully in advance of preparation.

You can also take part in the cooking of festive dishes sumalak.

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If the temperature is too low, the wheat will sprout slowly. This smoke is said to make malicious spirits flee.

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

But this month the show has been cancelled, along with other events. Novruz is the time at which people say goodbye to the old year and prepare for the sense of physical and spiritual renewal that the spring brings.

Rayhan, a popular singer whose music mixes Eastern melodies with Western pop, has given a concert on 14 February for years. Most tables also include izbekistan, fruit and a copy of a sacred book, such as the Koran. Traditionally, people forgive their enemies, make amends, help the poor, and cleanse their houses and consciences for a good start to a new year.


Sumalak is ritual dish based on sprouting wheat grains.

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

Before the holiday, young men will try to secretly clear out the cattle shed of a prosperous man with a marriageable daughter. Abdullaw, a Tashkent resident who described himself as an intellectual, said it was right to stop the concert.

So, wherever you are next March 21, celebrate life! The holiday is accompanied by the competitions of national singers and storytellers, competitions of horsemen and fights between strong men. Airport pick-up and drop-off.

Navruz – the New Year by the natural calendar

These dishes symbolize the wish for uzbekkistan coming year to be as “sweet” and happy. Tables are laid with plenty of food, including samsa and plov, plus nishalda, a sweet dessert of whipped egg whites, and sugar. Khalisa is cooked of seven cereals and meat, all of which are boiled into a homogeneous substance. Well, if this stone or a nut will be zbout your bowl of sumalak, you should rejoice, because the whole year will be successful and happy for you!

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

All participants in the making of the Sumalak must wash themselves carefully in advance of preparation. According to one legend, the cold was intense, and almost out of food stocks and settlers could do nothing but cook sprouted wheat grains, along with all the products that they had.

The holiday celebrates the day in the spring when day and night are equal, and is the start of a new year. People dance, sing ritual uzbbekistan and enjoy themselves, happily receiving the spring and making presents to their relatives and friends, as well as to other people, orphans and the poor, who uzbekisstan in need of help.


Navruz has been celebrated for at least 2, years, and perhaps for as long as 5, years. If the wheat is of light color, this may change. If it is too warm the sprouts will wilt.

Celebrations of spring are a natural outgrowth of the Earth’s rhythms.

Send to a friend. Uzbeks in China have many traditional festivals such as the Rouzhi festival “Id al-fitr”Gurbang festival, Shengji festival and Nuluzhi festival. I think this foods will liked every nation. Guest houses Budget choice of accomodation. In addition, they also sing and dance and hold various activities such as horse racing, Buzkashi and wrestling. Huge pots of sumalak a kind of porridgemeat stew, dumpling and milk dough. Tours to Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The following are several traditions and superstitions uzbelistan Sumalak: As this day marks the uzgekistan equinox — the day is usually symbolized by the sun.

Many of us have similar feelings today, even uzhekistan we understand the more scientific explanation: In my country We celebrate with cleaning in my house with family at new year’s day.