The second challenge is a matching game, the candidates and the searcher must choose from 2 choices regarding random questions regarding their likes through writing on a portable whiteboard. Challenges can range from playing traditional Filipino games with a twist to retrieving objects in a tank full of cockroaches. The segment is based on the American television game show Card Sharks. It is a singing competition for contestants from the barangay of the day. The segment is a reincarnation of the Mr. The referee, Felipe Tauro, became a notable personality of the segment due to his Visayan accent when he says the word “Pwisto!

Each person explains why his grandfather is better, while the last person says something so unrealistic and then ends his description with the punchline. Bababoom is a listening skill-based game segment that was franchised from a game show in the Netherlands of the same name. The lucky contestant who picks the box that holds the key to the jackpot round wins. It is one of Eat Bulaga’s advocacy projects where they build or renovate classrooms and libraries and provide school materials on different parts of the Philippines. The number of entries during the grand draw was so overwhelming that the draw had to be conducted at Quezon Memorial Circle with the help of a forklift.

Hosts are divided into pairs and must sing their answers to the asker’s questions. It is a promotional segment eah by the Philippine mobile network Globe.

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Bayanihan of d’Pipol that features stories of men who can do laundry, the winners will win a cash prize and gift packs from the segment’s sponsor Ariel. Flashback is an early music competition.

Ikaw at Echo is an impersonation contest at the turn of the millennium for contestants who can imitate the look and the singing voice of a local or foreign celebrity. The TeleMovie aired on July 28, The first round involves an obstacle course that the group must complete.


The same thing would happen the following day, and the day after next, until about a week or so when Ces was allowed to finish that production number. Each celebrity leader is called “Mother Eay.

List of Eat Bulaga! segments – Wikipedia

The program will show a certain scene or clip from several Eat Bulaga! Bayanihan of d’ Pipol has developed a variety of subsegments during its long run. The new edition is a singing competition in search of a lead vocalist for the Music Hero Band. The grand finalists of the competition became known as Sixbomb Dancers for their stint as the dancers in the revival of the segment Laban o Bawi.

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Each group is accompanied by well-known dance groups and personalities. If the virtual host named Twinky draws their number, the contestant must correctly answer a question and then choose one of the several boxes that contains cash prize. This alternate portion is redundant after Kalyeserye ended.

The lucky person who picked the correct cellphone advances to the solvung round. Unlike the other impersonation segments of Eat Bulaga!

Pogi is a spin-off from the signature Eat Bulaga! Dabarkads Around the World is a home viewer portion in which home viewers can send greetings and messages prohlem their loved ones across the globe.

eat bulaga problem solving june 25 2015

It is a raffle promo sponsored by the petroleum brand Caltex. Sugod Bahay and Barangay Bayanihan. The picturist must draw 2105 words or phrases using a marker on a pad paper that is vertically hung on a stand so the word-guessers and the audience could bulag, while the word-guessers must figure them out from the picturist’s visual clues under a certain time limit. One lucky studio audience member has the opportunity to win cash prize based on the weight of the coins that they will scoop and transfer from any of the coin basins to the weighing scale in the center of the stage.


It is sponsored by the margarine brand Star Margarine. The raffle promo ran from March to Septemberwith 12 weekly draws and the grand draw televised in Eat Bulaga! The contestants are inspired by the characters from the enchanted world of Engkantasya, the setting of the Enteng Kabisote franchise.

One member must xolving one balloon each to get the paper and make a mouth gesture of the word that was written on the paper to his or her teammate without releasing a voice, and the other member must guess what his or her teammate is trying to say. The players who are left without a chair are eliminated from the game.

eat bulaga problem solving june 25 2015

The winner will receive a large cash prize, which will be entirely awarded to the scholars of the EBest: There are five balloons, each balloon has a bylaga with a word written in it. The segment’s mechanics is revised from the original edition. Toengiand Spencer Reyes. Bopol, Dobol, and Tripol.

The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Everybody Backstreet’s Back ” by the Backstreet Boys after its release in