CST May 1, Do not send additional work until you get our response to the original submission. Entries will be judged on creativity, technique, expression, and originality. Entry to the competition constitutes acceptance of these terms. Participants have the flexibility to choose any subject related to the assigned topic.

The editors will judge. The contest is open globally; age is of no matter; and entries must be in English. Keep it spicy, mi amigos! The third line has 5 syllables again. Army finds itself at a historical inflection point, where disparate, yet related elements of an increasingly complex Operational Environment OE are converging, creating a situation where fast moving trends are rapidly transforming the nature of all aspects of society and human life — including the character of warfare. Creative writing is such a key part of life for those who enjoy writing yet it is increasingly difficult to become traditionally published.

We call on you — poets, peacemakers, fellow human beings — help us speak the truth about the cruel injustices enacted upon good men and women seeking peace and freedom. Manuscripts must be at least 48 pages but no more than pages. Multiple submissions are considered as long as a separate fee is paid for each. Announcing the Harvey T.


Non-fiction and fiction written for children under 13 years is not eligible. Short stories and novel excerpts in traditional and experimental styles generally not exceeding 50 pages. A book can contain everything and anything, and that is precisely what this contest wants: You may want to keep these areas in mind as you edit and polish your piece before submission. For book-length YA fiction with strong female lead character.


This essay should focus more on argumentation supported with facts and references, as opposed to rigorous data-based support. The aim of the event is to competitiln people together to find inspiration, have fun and get writing. If you have any problems with the form please use this link instead. Students may respond to the overall theme or to any of the questions listed. Finalists in each category will receive a prize and be honored guests at an awards ceremony in Aprilwhere first- second- cmpetition third-place winners will be announced and prizes will be competitoin.

Creative writing is such a key part dksl life for those who enjoy writing yet it is increasingly difficult to become traditionally published. Rhymes are fine but not required.

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Entry must be original and unpublished. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

Essays are to be no longer than 4, words, inclusive of footnotes and references should conform to Adaptation house style. We have published new and well-known writers and artists from all over the world.

dkls essay competition 2017

We invite photographers to submit photos to illustrate their mountain related stories whether culture, adventure, wildlife, sport, environment, or natural history.

We will consider up to 3 stories per competitioon or 3 separate submissions, but no more than 3 per author per submission period.

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We seek poems that exhibit how content works symbiotically with form, evidenced in an intentional art of the poetic line or in poems that employ or stretch lyric modes. If any one would like to donate towards this prize please contact the MCA directly There will be time for each participant to have a one to one personal editing consultation where she will critique your work and let you know what editors look for in a poem when selecting work for publications and how they really think.


For published and aspiring writers alike. To withdraw a specific poem or the entire submission notify us by email at contact srpr. Inthe prize will be awarded to the best short story up to words in length by an Indigenous writer who is 30 years or younger at the closing date of the competition.

dkls essay competition 2017

They contain no information on entering the contest and are of no use to students wishing to enter the contest. We receive many submissions so unfortunately submissions that fail to follow the posted guidelines will not be cimpetition, so as a friendly suggestion, please read over them to ensure we get the opportunity to review your work.

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We generally reserve our teaching and informational articles for our staff columnists. Please note that we cannot provide critical feedback on submissions. Postal submission should be sent in competitipn A4 envelope, accompanied by an entry form to: The story, either fiction or nonfiction, can be about domestic pets, farm animals, or animals in the wild. This award to only open to students in South Australia. Your love poem can be fictional or non-fictional.

dkls essay competition 2017

Please include all poems in one document.