I was the managing editor of eight books of scientific works on the above-mentioned problems. A Computational Insight into Semantic Syntax. Syntactic and semantic properties of English focalizers rhematizers. Research fellowship, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay. Later a general purpose package for various kinds of sources was constructed: Born June 30, in Ljubljana, Slovenia; a degree in mathematics at the University of Ljubljana, master’s degree in information sciences at the University of Zagreb.

About people are employed at the Institute, including 7 Dr. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Some of the addressed research problems are:. At the same time there were gathered and created machine readable lingustic sources, the archives of CFRL at present contain texts numbering more than 10 million word occurences although of very uneven linguistic value. There are three main forms from Latvian verbs: During the work on the project supported by the Soros foundation – Latvia.

Knowles, G, Arnfield, S: The Linguistic Computer Science. Residences for professors and students from abroad are at Muitines 7 and student dormitories are located at Taikos pr.

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Research Institute in Computer Science, Bucharest. I have been a guest lecturer at a number of universities Poland: There are three departments at the Institute: Phraseology, Idiomatics of Czech and Phraseology.


The Minsk State Linguistic University is one of the most important scientific and teaching centres in the Republic of Belarus. Another reclassification of the corpus into texts by particular literary characters would further enhance the discriminating power of the analysis, adding a social dimension to the resulting picture.

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The historical period described in the first stage of the project was Old Hungarian up to the thirties of the 16th century. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Fuzzy Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Environmental Studies and Informatics Faculties are at Vileikos 8.

Its teaching staff numbers members, with 22 professors, 13 adjunct professors, and 18 foreign lecturers. Iasi, Romania, October Communication Strategies, Blackwell, and N.

A program for case generation of verbs also was written. At the time all the texts were keyboarded manually which was a formidable task. Grammatical data in the lexicon. This methodological approach called ‘Distributional statistical analysis of texts was worked out back in the s [Shaikevich,], when it was tested manually on some paper concordances especially on Spevack’s computer-made concordance to Shakespeare [Spevack, ].


Current advances in semantic theory, ed.

There will also be a fourth volume devoted to the lexicon, i. Das Ende des Sozialismus und die Sprache. Each year there are about 30 visiting professors and lecturers from the United States and other Western European universities.

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Language Resources for Language Technology. At present the Institute, totaling abouthas a research staff of nearly In the financial volume of the performed tasks exceeded thousand lats about KECU.

Research on speech processing, prosody, and computer aided language learning. A description of a dictionary in this language is simultaneously a data base scheme for this dictionary. The information structure of the sentence and the coherence of discourse.

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Prague linguistics circle papers, Vol. Among the teaching staff there are 69 professors, docents associate professors.

Complex ’90 International Conference, Balatonfured Gipoteza v sovremennoy lingvistike, Moscow.

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Studies in Spoken Languages: