In these sums, one of the variables, or the answer, is still missing. At Prepterminal , we understand the importance of getting through your job application process smoothly. No people who buy cars are male. It is up to you to calculate this missing number. Working together for 2. Typically, these tests are used in engineering fields, the army, emergency services and many others.

Follow the links under each topic to get a better understanding of that question type and to review some samples with explanations. Although you have your responsibilities to your team, the wider business should be of optimum priority and the project manager would not have asked you if it is not important. Numerical reasoning for business: Mechanical Aptitude Test is a broad term used during the job recruitment process by certain companies. To do this, the candidate is required to identify patterns in diagrams and identify a missing or following diagram in the given series.

Cubiks Test

The Cubiks Reasoning Tests for Business, as the name implies, are geared towards higher positions in the business world. Question 8 of 8. Cubiks Abstract Ability Test. Cubiiks Problem – In these tests, you will be asked to solve mathematical problems based on short texts.

Information from this test is used to produce a report which identifies strengths and areas for development for the candidate, as well as insights into their personality.

Numerical tests for recruitment assessment development links online questionnaires. You have already completed the quiz before. Some engineers are not Spanish speakers. The tests are very similar to general situational judgement tests.


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This test contains 30 questions, also covering verbal, numerical and abstract problems, but of a higher difficulty than the intermediate test. Cubiks problem solving c adapted – dieselarchivenm. This test comes practcie a single form, for managers and graduates. This test is commonly used by recruiters who go through a high volume of applicants.

In the Antonyms Test, the candidate has to select the word that is the opposite of the given word. The Cubiks Problem Solving Tests are used for a more diverse range of non-managerial positions from Engineering to Secretarial jobs. With that in mind, you are going to have to respond or react to these situations. All practice tests tedt with worked solutions and an explanation on how to get to the right answer.

Solviny 4 of 8.

Cubiks Practice Tests, Online Test Overview

Not prwctice Difficulty level: This can be calculated as follows: Assuming that in 3 hours the spaceship had travelled miles, what was the speed of the spaceship during the third hour? Syllogisms – You can choose from a number of conclusions and you have to choose the only correct conclusion.

Advanced Abstract Ability Test Cubiks Advanced Abstract Ability Tests is essentially the same as the Intermediate test, but the difficulty of the patterns and the number of patterns that can be found is higher. The answer to the example above is E, “Thursday 25 September”.


cubiks problem solving practice test

A certain level of self-control is required to complete the task in an accurate and effective manner. The correct answer to the example question above is D, “Decreasing labor wage”. We offer you the tools to reduce anxiety and make sure you get the most out of yourself on the day of your certification, assessment test of job application interview!

Free Logiks General (Intermediate) Test Practice: Sample Test & PDF with Explanations

Because you are trying to accommodate both projects, which are important. Cubiks Personality Questionnaires In addition to ability tests, Cubiks also provides personality and motivation questionnaires, delivered either online or using pen and paper, for the purpose of candidate assessment or development.

cubiks problem solving practice test

Results 0 of 12 questions answered correctly Your time: What is the next number in the series? All Spanish speakers are gardeners.

cubiks problem solving practice test

Cubiks offers both ability tests and personality questionnaires depending on the needs to the employer in question. The candidate sovling presented with a paragraph containing four to six different facts and then given a statement.

Example of a Cubiks Advanced Verbal Ability question. I offer full-length mock tests for the Logiks Intermediate test, which can be found here.