Is this your charity? Before becoming a teacher I was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and before that I was a clothing designer. Writing and all things creative are my passion. You can download them whenever you like to speed things up at tax time. Riley Elementary in Bluffton, SC. Short-term portion of debt obligations such as loans, mortgages, notes, and payments due for goods and services received.

Total amount received from any level of government in Canada. I have been teaching for about 20 years and love what I do. My passion for education and interacting with children has spanned more than twenty five years as a bilingual teacher, administrator, and educational consultant in public, charter, and private schools. Total amount spent on fundraising, including office expenses, overhead, promotion costs, etc. Some of you may remember that our daughter is involving in an amazing program called Odyssey of the Mind.

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Hillcrest Middle Odyssey Win Again | Odyssey Coquitlam World Finals

I believe this engages students in school and motivates them to participate in their community. He knows Karate, Ju-jitsu and 2 other Japanese words. When I grow up I want to be a world traveler, visiting schools around the world and helping to spread innovative ideas to education everywhere. An attorney and political junkie, Jennifer is passionate about creativity, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and challenging conventional (cpes). I am a genuine believer in the vital role that engagement with the arts plays in the development of our selves as individuals participating in a society.


I am an elementary educator who loves to give students hands on experiences and develop real world skills. As a graphic designer and art director, I have learned to share the vision of my clients and develop complex processes of visual communication.

I am an economist by profession.

creative problem solving society (cpss)

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Creative Problem Solving Society (Cpss)

Odyssey of the Mind is a school-based, international program that promotes creative problem solving for students from kindergarten through college. Teaching is a second career for me, which I chose to pursue after realizing that I wanted a profession where I could inspire children and make a positive, memorable impact on their lives.

Everything written by E. To learn more, please visit www. Safari There are no options for enabling SSL protocols. I have worked in education with students of all ages, from 5 year olds to adults, for thirty five years.

Total cash readily available.

creative problem solving society (cpss)

White Favorite art medium: Kids worldwide, from kindergarten to university, come (cpsx) in small groups in their own age divisions to solve problems that range from how to stack as much weight as possible on the tiniest structure possible to creatively interpreting classical literature in a fun and interesting way – and they do it all fully independently the little ones are under adult supervision, of course.


Our shared goal is to develop thoughtful, knowledgeable, creative and caring young people who become active lifelong learners.

Protector of Creativity and Innovation. Find and double-click the entry for security. I love watching my students create to show what they know, and I enjoy connecting them with various classes and people all over the world. I graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia where I spent the first three years of my teaching career.

Echoing Paulo Freire, I truly believe that education is the practice of freedom and that it can be a vehicle (cpss social change. I will run my first half-marathon this year. My experiences have been exciting and eclectic. Writing and all things creative are my passion. Charitable Organization Business Number: My students and I have made stop-motion Lego films, painted Australian Dreamtime images, explored 3D printing, enacted mock trials, simulated archaeological digs, improvised comedy scenes, and laughed every day.

If you have an older version of Safari please upgrade now. I have been teaching for 11 years. We’ve included many new activities this year to give returning campers alternatives.

I am a year veteran of the technical staffing industry:

creative problem solving society (cpss)