It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list committee will be involved for the duration of the project. Doing so will not foreclose your chances of admission in any way, and may significantly improve them by helping you make the right choice. Very, if the writers can speak to your abilities as a scholar, researcher, or cross-cultural communicator. Logic Requirement All Ph. It might be the case, for example, that a work would be included in a dissertation bibliography because it was an important commentary on a work that had originally stated an alternative for that field, even though the commentary does not delineate an alternative position. We highly recommend tailoring personal statements to the specific institutions to which you are applying, not using a single generic personal statement.

Possibilities for the special project include, but are not limited to:. This also can entail additional financial compensation. It is also ideal to meet with your recommender s in person or by phone , especially if you have not seen them in some time, to discuss your reasons for pursuing a PhD and your choice of programs to apply to. One of the most popular images utilized in these cultural productions is the stereotype of Roma-as-musician. This dissertation, based on eighteen months of anthropological and ethnomusicological fieldwork, is an ethnographic study of vocal expression and Swahili ethnicity on the Kenyan coast.

After a semester of pioneering the use of this tool for this particular class, presented findings to the body of Music Humanities instructors. What makes their situation particularly revealing is the representational power of local culture.

columbia gsas dissertation defense

Insupported the launch of the Current Musicology Facebook page. Our record of placement reflects that focus. On another level, this dissertation uses ethnographic oral histories of village music making, the lives of musicians, and musical aesthetics to explore the historical dimensions of Taishanese migration, and the historical consequences of diaspora.

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The faculty members designated as readers agree to read the completed dissertation and possibly to be involved in the process of its production. In this way, this dissertation contributes to the study of how gender, caste, ethnicity, class, and nation are formed through the intimate exchanges that comprise the circulation of people and practices.

Interculturality, as a descriptive term and an applied project, highlights the interdependence of social groups and the ways that boundaries are continually constructed within and between them.


columbia gsas dissertation defense

Ethnographic material forms the core of this project. It is in everyday social interaction that children begin the lifelong processes of affiliation and differentiation in various contexts of belonging.

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Matching Your Goals to Our Goals. The grant is awarded on a competitive basis and will reward students who have presented papers at conferences, published articles or book reviews, and submitted proposals for external fellowships.

columbia gsas dissertation defense

FallSpring As an accompaniment to the Music Since the MA degree here requires, in addition to the thesis, the passing of 18 credits of coursework, and the passing of an exam in at least one language typically, demonstrating reading ability in a European language relevant to research in Ethnomusicology, though there are other possibilities given particular research specializationsit is possible that all requirements for the MA degree will not be met until the end of the second year.

Have questions, suggestions, or complaints? My specific discussion of contemporary Georgian world music poses broader questions for the discipline of ethnomusicology as a whole: Fellowships and assistantships include tuition remission and a stipend for up to twelve credits per semester and for six credits in the summer.

If you do poorly, work on your test anxiety, take a course, study a guide, and take it again. After and only after! In jazz funerals and second line parades, black New Orleanians have danced to the beat of a brass band since the late-nineteenth century and these community-based traditions continue to flourish at the start of the twenty-first century.

We strive for a strong sense of community in the program and seek people who are looking to join and contribute to a community in turn.

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Of course, many historical musicologists and music theorists also study music in these terms, and conversely, most ethnomusicologists who tend to be serious musicians engage deeply in the analysis of musical expression as sound structure, and not infrequently in the evaluative curation of canons, still a more primary task of the other areas of musicology, which despite major shifts in recent years, do remain significantly invested in the Western Art Music tradition and its current practices.

Many of our Ethnomusicology dissertations have dealt with Western gssas and with art musics, and popular music and occasional non-Western musical subjects are also pursued in the other area programs. This dissertation argues that tweens, as defensf consumers of ascendant music genres and media devices, represent a burgeoning counterpublic, whose expressions of solidarity and group affiliation are increasingly deferred to by mainstream artists and the entertainment industry.


We consider performance, often, to be an inherent and important aspect of ethnomusicological research and scholarship and several of our faculty members have written extensively about their own professional practice as performersbut we have a broad conception of what the value of developing and maintaining performance skills might be to any given project or any particular student.

Dissertating students, for their part, should remain in contact with their mentors and readers, respond to communications and feedback for revisions in a timely manner, and keep mentors and readers informed of any needed alterations to the working timeline or target completion date.

In any given year, our students publish numerous articles. In addition, earning such a prestigious fellowship is quite likely to be career-enhancing if you complete the PhD. Fall Self-designed course selected and realized through the Columbia Teaching Scholars program, a competitive University-wide initiative for advanced graduate students to create and execute their own courses.

We highly recommend tailoring personal statements to the specific institutions to which you are applying, not using a single generic personal statement.

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Our admission and fellowship offers have no citizenship requirements. A thorough understanding of the discourses and practices of popular music and feminism in the United States should take into account the role of the white, middle class in shaping both as co,umbia interventions.

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