One interviewee suggested that some stakeholders, during the development of DSEN, did not fully understand the procedures and processes in place at CIHR which affect the timeliness and responsiveness of the network which resulted in early challenges. To date, most of the information shared with present query generators i. For example, evidence submitted by DSEN researchers could result in no modification or impact on policy if their findings suggest there is no cause for concern in relation to the topic of the submitted query; however, the decision to take no action is still a policy decision that was based, in part, on evidence submitted by DSEN. SCOG approval is required before human stem cell research can proceed. Number and types of funded research projects that were concluded and contributed to new evidence that address the DSEN program research agenda. The DSEN CO should develop and implement service standards, such as target response times, to enable submitters and research teams to establish common expectations and agreement on timelines and milestones, taking into consideration the methodology and scope of the proposed research, at the outset and throughout the Query submission and response process.

The DSEN program is working to address the continued need for the active surveillance of drug safety and effectiveness in Canada. The opinions of interviewees were mixed as to whether the current governance structure and responsibilities are working, particularly with respect to the SC. The highly integrated knowledge translation model on which DSEN operates will continue to advance researcher and decision maker understanding of the key elements and roles of each player in the overall DSEN program. Decision makers require clear and transparent timelines for the delivery of research results in response to Queries to make timely decisions on the safety and effectiveness of marketed drugs. A number of KT principles have been endorsed by the Network to guide its KT activities and approaches:.

Does this application propose research involving Indigenous Peoples?


Knowledge Translation Guidance Document for DSEN Researchers and Stakeholders

Furthermore, specific considerations will be taken into account in review of all applications including an RCT. Requirement for grant and appensix recipients and institutions to comply with applicable ethical, legal and regulatory requirements. Advice on ethics content in funding opportunities may come from a number of sources in addition to the Ethics Office, such as: PHAC laboratory biosafety guidelines.

cihr research proposal appendix

Review the funding opportunity How to Apply section under the subsection entitled “Specific Instructions” and provide the additional information requested. Note that the fiscal year was the first year that DSEN provided a mix of direct research support and capacity development support.

Complete Summary of Research Proposal Task 4. Prescribed Drug Spending in Canada, Antithrombotic Therapy for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation. CIHR was advised that there is not sufficient justification to discontinue the study at this time.

cihr research proposal appendix

The average gap has dropped from a high of approximately 24 months inthe first year of operation of DSEN, to approximately five months in Not all funding opportunities include or allow trials. Provide a clear, concise description of your proposed research, using the adjudication criteria outlined below. Ethics education sessions using the Education Workbook are listed in the ciur.

Grants – ResearchNet “Application” Phase Instructions – CIHR

Ongoing interactions between researchers and the Query Submitter throughout the research project through the SAC meetings and other means ; A focus on timely sharing of relevant information; Graded entry reports e. Previous evaluations of CIHR programs have rrsearch the number of applications received by a program in a given fiscal year to determine the cost-efficiency of the program i.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Once every task is complete, including the consent, the Nominated Principal Applicant must review the terms listed and respond to the questions regarding consent in order to submit the application. The addition of these funds would increase the ratio in favor of research. These include i traditional KT approaches such as publication in peer reviewed and open access journals, depositing results in open access research repositories, conference presentations, education sessions, visual lectures, briefings, and webinars; ii use of traditional and social media; iii outreach facilitation; iv use of champions and knowledge brokers; and desearch arts-based KT activities.


As the Project Grant competition evolves, we fihr trying to find a balance between reviewer workload and applicant burden. This is further evidence that DSEN is showing progress towards achieving this intermediate outcome. Status updates on project milestones sharable within the Network. ressarch

cihr research proposal appendix

Excluding all roles already mentioned on the application e. The character limit for the entire task is characters.

Any additional material will be removed from the application prior to being sent to reviewers. Training focused on ethics-related concepts falls under 1h and should be included. Provide the names of individuals that you believe cannot provide an objective review of your application and add comments specifying why the reviewers should be excluded from your application. Do not include publications in this section. A contribution is understood to be a publication, literary or artistic work, conference, patent or intellectual property right, contract or creative activity, commission, etc.

If you plan to pay anyone, such reseagch your student or technician, from the grant, do not include them as a co-applicant. Tracking of their uptake will continue through and beyond.

Knowledge Translation Guidance Document for DSEN Researchers and Stakeholders – CIHR

Identify contributions that best highlight your contribution or activities in the field of research, defining the impact and relevance of each. Attach Other Application Materials Task 6. Select appenidx primary CIHR Institute whose research mandate is related to this application’s research area s and objective s.