On the other hand, concerns about Bt Brinjal relate to its possible adverse impact on human health and bio-safety, livelihoods and biodiversity. There are alternative ways of managing pests that use little or no chemicals and are free of catastrophic risks. Current scenario reflects that Bt Brinjal can be most effective when they are used as part of IPM strategies. If the GEAC decision if approved by the government, it would also lead to other GM food crops, like rice, maize, soyabean, etc in the country. Bt brinjal, a genetically modified strain created by India’s number one seeds company Mahyco in collaboration with American multinational Monsanto, claims to improve yields and help the agriculture sector.

Brinjal as the only alternative available ignoring the proven agro ecological approach to pest control. Such local species will be threatened by the introduction of Bt Brinjal. Sole promotion of Bt Brinjal may lead to a monoculture with unpredictable and irreversible environmental and health hazards. The fertility of the soil has been reduced and has practically disappeared after cultivating Bt cotton for a few years. At the same time there is an emerging consensus that modern petrochemical- based farming is unsustainable and there is a need to develop and promote ecological approaches to food production.

Absence of required receptors. Pesticides can move off-site contaminating surface and groundwater and possibly causing adverse impacts on aquatic ecosystems. So it has proven that human csse will not be affect like allergies studies.

It is more cost-effective and will have minimal environmental impact.

We want science to be used for the benefit of people, not companies,” he added. Environment activists says the effect of Casee genetically modified crops on rats have shown to be fatal for lungs and kidneys. Mahyco collaborates with Monsanto, the world’s leading producer of genetically engineered seeds.


In spite of the extensive use of chemical pesticides, larvae lead a concealed life, it is difficult to control through brimjal sprays. Rest of the alimentary canal — alkaline.

case study bt brinjal ppt

To save the small and marginal farmers. Bt has no toxic sfudy on human because The Cry1Ac endo -toxin is a protein which breaks down when cooked. Sole promotion of Bt Brinjal may lead to a monoculture with unpredictable and irreversible environmental and health hazards.

Indian farmers would have to depend on MNCs for seeds.

case study bt brinjal ppt

The lack of clear consensus among the scientific community. BT brinjal high yield would spell greater economics stability and mitigate the financial problems of farmer that are caused by poor yield due to traditional cultivation.

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The Government of India’s Ayurvedic Formulary Anonymous, listed formulations that use plant species, in which Solanum xanthocarpumSolanum nigrum and Solanum indicum were cas but not Solanum melongena brinjal. Comparative summary statistics of key parameters in MLRTs: This confirms that Bt protein is absolutely safe for human consumption. Used in its raw form. We need many more tests on the environmental and health-safety aspects of GMOs and it should be assessed independently.

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The tests have been done by the safe microbial Bt. Brinjal itself has an Inherent property of allergenecity. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Food cooking and protein estimation in cooked fruits. Negative public sentiment and fears among consumers and the lack of a global precedent.


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Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar reportedly said the committee’s decision was final. Csse can be achieved by ensuring that there are numerous susceptible insects in the vicinity to mate with the resistant-ones. Binjal Free Read news as it happens Available on. In Kerala, environmentalists and social activists will observe a one-day fast on January 30 in protest against the Centre’s move to introduce Bt brinjal in the country, Kerala Agriculture Minister Mullakkara Rathnakaran said.

Case Study on Bt Brinjal Ppt

Without public examination and a debate on the safety of Bt brinjal, this product should not be approved for environmental release. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Bt Brinjal the first genetically modified vegetable crop is a brinjjal brinjal created out of inserting a gene [cry IAc ] from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis in to brinjal.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Introduction Brinjal is botanically known as Solanum melongena L. T he All India Kisan Sabha has said that there should be no hasty introduction of Bt brinjal without addressing these concerns.