This will be the last homework reading quiz for this 9 weeks. Students will be given an AR goal to meet each 9 weeks. The homework I assigned in. Students will have a class period to find an article that goes along with their literary non-fiction book using the Magnolia database. Remember to be respectful and not disrupt.

Students have the option of working on a CHMS Reading Fair project based on the nonfiction book or article that they read throughout the semester. Students need to have their independent book by Tuesday, January 8th. Meet the Mustangs Friday: On Thursday, they will take a quiz on Chapter 9 and possibly Chapter 10, depending on how far we get around the Case 21 testing, at the end of class. Honor Roll Breakfast Friday: The printed elements are due to me by Friday, September 28th.

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If your student is purchasing the book, please have them bring it to school on the 7th, so I know that they are ready to go for the next 9 weeks. Check Google Form 6.

Click on the cart icon below the photo homeworl for a shortcut to our online student store. Context Clues Quiz Friday: Each student has checked out or brought their own copy of the indepdendent reading book choices.


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8th grade homework website chms

On Friday, they will take a Cold Read Quiz. Please use the link below to access the homework site. Last Tuesday, I will assigned the following chapters to be read by Tuesday, November 27th: The DeSoto County School District is also committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Go Math Middle School Grade 8.

If you are planning on running for a officer position, please make sure your packet is complete and turned in to Mrs. homeowrk

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Supply Check; Signed forms due Thursday: Your child will have. The packet will be due on November 9th. Anything they don’t finish reading in class will have to be completed for homework. The printed elements are due to me by Friday, September 28th.

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No School Normally, my parent email will go out on Friday. I am here to teach you and bring you to the next level.

The completed packet is due Tuesday, October 2nd. This will count as a test grade. This week, we will start reading the Diary of Anne Frank.


8th grade homework website chms

Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. There will be laptops in my classroom on Monday of next week for any students who missed a computer lab day last week or this week. Google Form Google Form chms. If you come webaite with an attitude of success than together we will succeed. Middle School Math Info. Google Form Quick Check 4. ELA Case 21 Tuesday: Students found an cmhs related to their literary non-fiction book that they read last nine weeks.

Name and date should be on every paper you turn in. Drills — fire, tornado, etc. They will take a quiz on Tuesday, January 15th.

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Home Our School “. On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will go to the computer lab to type up their essay and edit it for spelling and grammar. Good website to each of you!!!